Fight for the 18th and the Future of Illinois

We have all seen the attempts at destruction of the average American life from the Trump and Rauner types:

  • Attempts to limit economic opportunity to the wealthy and well-connected.
  • Attempts to pillage our public natural resources for private gain.
  • Attempts to control the way women feel, think, and act.
  • Attempts to disenfranchise voters and re-segregate minority populations.
  • Attempts to devalue the health and lives of neighbors based on differences of race, gender, creed, or sexuality.


We need to come together to stop their destructive agendas and build a bulwark of good governance and common sense that can withstand the current Rauner and Trump attacks. While we’re at this, we need effective and thoughtful people in every layer of government, people who can stand in the way of the divisive Republican plan and say “Stop.”

State Rep. Robyn Gabel has been that person in Springfield, and will continue to be that person for us and our district. Robyn has worked to build coalitions to save our neighborhoods from gun violence, save our environment from degradation and overuse, and reform our healthcare system and human services delivery to make sure nobody falls through the holes in the social safety net.

Stand with Robyn and tell the Rauner and Trump types “Stop.”

Vote for Robyn on November 6th.



If you want to help Robyn, follow this link and let us know where you can chip in!